Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Feature: Slideshow Corner!

If you would kindly divert your eyes to the right and gaze upon the top of the sidebar portion of this blog, you should now notice a pint-sized slideshow in progress. This will be an ongoing, regularly updated feature here.

On display will be things like our latest thrift store record acquisitions or selections from the archives which share a certain cover art theme or go together in some other fun and/or interesting way.

Hovering your cursor over the slideshow will make a control bar appear, allowing you to pause/advance/reverse the photos. Click on any of the pictures and a new window will open in which the photos can be viewed at your own pace, along with any captions that may have been added. Most captions will at least identify the name of the artist, album title, year of release, record label, and catalog number for that specific pressing. You might also find some additional comments.

As always, thank you for visiting Thrift Store Record Report and please stop back again. We hope to become the number one destination for all of your thumbnail-size, super low resolution, record-related, sidebar slideshow needs.

Update - October 2016: Unfortunately Google has now discontinued the Blogger sidebar slideshow gadget. Until I find a good replacement, all slideshow photos and captions can still be viewed by clicking the link provided in the posts for each slideshow (e.g. "Summer Movie Soundtracks").