Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Red Flower of Tachai Blossoms Everywhere

China Record Company have done it again! This is the one to acquire! All the big hits on one record! From the smash single that burned up the charts and warmed our hearts: A Long, Long Life to Chairman Mao, to the song we were all humming in that magical and productive summer of '67: Delivering Public-Grain to the State. Yes, they are all here in one glorious collection! 

The inspirational Conquering the Typhoon will have your foot tapping as your spirits soar. Then, let the gentle, relaxing sounds of Spring Comes to Yiho River and The Flower of Tachai Blooms at the Foot of Kunlun wash over you and be transported to a place of majestic, ancient landscapes and time-honored traditions ... or, as the cover art depicts: a place of modern concrete dam projects, well organized farm plots, and efficient workers. Finally, you'll want to put the pedal to the metal and increase the volume level because the closing song Galloping Across the Vast Grasslands is the perfect soundtrack for cruising the open road; wind in your hair, sun at your back, and best girl by your side.

Seriously, I've long enjoyed hearing traditional Chinese music (but never owned any), and was very pleased to find this record and add it to the collection. Now, not only can I create a more enchanting atmosphere for sipping fragrant tea on those quiet evenings at home, but the next time a boisterous party guest shouts a request for "Delivering Public-Grain to the State," I'll be ready!

The Red Flower of Tachai Blossoms Everywhere
China Record Company M-1019

Released on the state-owned China Record Company label, this is a ten inch record that plays at 33⅓ rpm. Exact release date is unknown, but I think sometime between 1965 - 1975 would be a very safe guess.
Here is an interesting article about a Chinese record collector and the history of the record industry in China. I like the early name given to records there: chang pian, or "singing disc." The piece ends with a really nice quote from the collector about his love of music and records.

Former Genesis lead guitarist, Steve Hackett salutes traditional Chinese music with the song The Red Flower of Tachai Blooms Everywhere. While his song's name is nearly identical to the title track of the record featured in this report, it isn't a note for note cover version. Released on his Spectral Mornings LP, as well as on the Time Lapse live album, it is a brilliantly done tribute composition that displays the guitarist's appreciation of this beautiful music.