Routinely facing overcrowded and severely unordered conditions, we steadfastly sift through endless masses of moldy Montovani, musty Mitch Miller, and soiled Streisand LPs to unearth and recover the more desirable audio artifacts hidden amongst the dreck. Carrying out these vital discovery and acquisition operations, then spotlighting some of the more noteworthy finds is what it's all about here at the Thrift Store Record Report.

Even with the noxious odor of mothballs, and a cloud of attic dust violating the nostrils, one can still feel the (mostly) benevolent Thrift Store Record Gods smiling upon you as a VG+ original pressing, mono copy of Surrealistic Pillow or Rubber Soul is suddenly revealed in a grubby milk crate, that at first glance, appeared to be overflowing with nothing more than derelict show tune and Christmas albums. 
Exiting the store, newly acquired treasure in hand, you are greeted by a sun that is a little brighter, a sky that is a little bluer, than you had remembered ... or ever thought possible. A chorus of birdsong fills the air as you head down the sidewalk with a little extra spring in your step...

Upon arrival at TSRR headquarters, all new acquisitions are treated to comprehensive cleaning and restoration procedures, followed by a rigorous series of listening sessions. Finally, they are cataloged and carefully filed within our vast, state of the art archives facility—effectively preserving them for the enjoyment of future generations (please see photos below).

New arrivals (in foreground boxes) await processing within 
The TSRR Archives Facility's West Wing Annex

Gently loosening the surface dirt

Loading records into our special high capacity 
automatic multipurpose high-tech deep-cleaning unit

Line drying records and covers just like grandma used to do! 
We prefer hanging them outdoors in direct, scorching sunlight 
for extended periods during the warmer months

While we generally have a preference for pop/rock from the 1960s through the 1980s, the records selected to be featured on these pages can range from pop/rock, to classical, to spoken word releases—with no rigid restriction on time period. Musical genres that we are unlikely to ever cover are jazz, country, and most popular music predating the 1950s.

Reports will focus primarily on the more obscure, curious, or just plain fun or interesting specimens we procure, but some very popular, familiar favorites may be revisited along the way as well.

The one written-in-stone commandment which will be heeded at all times: We shall only report on records acquired directly from a thrift store.